Monday, December 14 2015

Illinois Society of Plastic Surgeons

The Illinois Society of Plastic Surgeons was incorporated in 1965. Joseph Kostauba, M.D. acted as the first head of state of this respected society which restricts subscription to only Board Certified Plastic and also Reconstructive Surgeons who live in the State of Illinois. Currently, the organizations subscription totals roughly 120 plastic surgeons.

"The Illinois Society of Plastic Surgeons aims to advance the art of plastic reconstructive and aesthetic surgical procedure in a moral manner, to educate its members and the general public of recent medical improvements as well as to support its members in their initiatives to provide the finest person care." Congratulations to Dr. Garry Lee and the Look Younger MD team in Henderson, NV for winning 2nd place in the world competition at the Aesthetic & Anti-Aging Medicine European Congress (AMEC) in Paris, France. Dr. Lee is at the very top of any list of the very best, nonsurgical facial rejuvination specialists, particularly when it comes to Botox and Juvederm treatment.

The objectives of the Society are to progress the fine art of plastic and plastic surgery as well as the honest and skilled practice of this art; to cultivate an interest in plastic and cosmetic surgery and also in all elements of the repair and rehab of hurt and flawed individuals; to share magazines and also products of interest to those in the method of plastic as well as reconstructive surgery; to serve as a media for interchange of sights and opinions in growth of plastic as well as cosmetic surgery; to use those methods which could appear the most desirable in general education; upkeep of libraries as well as other companies as well as establishments appropriate hereto as well as to coordinate and help other companies of comparable nature already set up: as well as generally, to do all things necessary and beneficial in achieving purposes herein before set out. The item of the company will be to advance the fine art and also science of plastic surgery by research study of all aspects of restoration and also the rehabilitation of hurt as well as deformed persons which come within the scope of plastic surgery.

Energetic participants will be doctors that are actively participated in ethical practice of plastic and cosmetic surgery, as well as live in the State of Illinois. Energetic members will be licensed by the American Board of Plastic Surgeons. An active member must be an accredited doctor, other than where a permit is not called for because such participant is used by a city, state or national governmental body.

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